2016 City Photography Contest

  1. 2016 Contest Categories
  2. Entry Submission
  3. Official Rules
  4. 2016 Awards Reception
  5. Jury Process
  6. 2016 Winners


The City of Palm Beach Gardens is pleased to announce its 2016 Photography Contest. In preparation for Florida City Government Week in October, this year's contest will celebrate the "Signature City" from the perspective of our residents & students. Proof of residency is required. All photos must be taken in Palm Beach Gardens. Photos taken outside of city limits will not be considered.

The deadline to submit photographs is September 15, 2016. Should you have any questions, please contact the Public Media Relations Division at 561.799.4152 or via email at signaturecity@pbgfl.com.

Each contestant may submit up to three (3) photographs in each of the five (5) categories listed:
  • Beauty Abounds (Nature & Landscape in the City)
  • Digital Manipulation (Add an artistic layer to your photography with Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.)
  • iGardens (iPhone photos)
  • PBG Culture (Scenes showing human interaction in unposed, candid scenes with physical environment)
  • Black & White (Classic black and white images of the City)
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